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- Homemade, local and fresh -

First mate Trish Calvert has always had an avid love of cooking. She has cooked onboard sailboats for decades and is well known for her culinary creations on land as well. She has several sample menus for you to choose from, but do let us know the kind of foods you would like and she will do the rest, aiming to keep all well-fed and happy. Depending on the season, we will fish and hunt for Bahamian lobster and conch as we go. Your charter includes all meals, beer and wine and snacks, so before booking, we will discuss your desires and provision accordingly.

- Omelet with a choice of swiss, sharp cheddar or feta cheese, sauteed red onions, green peppers and mushrooms served with bacon and toasted English muffins.
- Fresh Bahamian cinnamon bread French toast with sausage links or bacon.
- Croissant breakfast sandwiches with brie cheese, soft scrambled eggs and ham on baked croissants served with fresh fruits.
- Muffins, fresh fruit, yogurt and granola cereal.



- Fresh caught blackened fish fingers or sandwich served with salad and homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
- Chicken or fish soft tacos quesadillas served with fresh made black beans mango salsa.
- Grilled sirloin burgers with fresh made potato salad. 


- Roasted Cornish Game hens with garlic mashed potatoes, green vegetables, and fresh salad topped with homemade dressing.
- Grilled lobster with a butter/lime
& cayenne pepper sauce, served with wild rice, fresh vegetables and salad.
- Grouper or mahi mahi fingers with Panko bread crumbs and Thai sauce dip, served with brown jasmine rice and fresh vegetables.
-Roasted prime pork tenderloin with potatoes and carrots, served with corn bread stuffing or fresh green vegetables.


- Toasted French bread with Brie or goat cheese.
- Conch fritters, more like conch cakes with lots of fresh conch.
- Crackers, sharp cheddar cheese and fresh sliced salami. 
fresh fruits.jpg
- Fresh made carrot cake.
- Bahamian pineapple or coconut tart.
- Cheesecake.
- Fresh fruit bowls.
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