"Our Best memory? 

There are so many. Everybody’s favorite memory was when Captain Dave pulled out his guitar and we did a little jam session/open mike. 

Capt Dave is a phenomenal guitar player. Joe and Steve took turns making up lyrics singing in blues style about being on the Destiny 3, we called it the Marathon blues. We could not stop laughing! 


Capt. Dave took us to reefs that were less packed, on 3 different trips and they just got better every single time. They were all phenomenal, Captain Dave definitely knows where to go. 


Our crew were very personable, but also gave you space and time with your family when needed. We had dinner aboard every night which was awesome. Dave helped us with the excursions and directed us on things that he thought would be fun for our family. 


The food from Chef Steve was incredible, our first dinner was the mahi-mahi which was everyone’s favorite. They both treated us as though we were family from the beginning to the end. Dave knew so much about the different areas history and culture which was impressive. 


It was more than any of us could have ever imagined! This was by far a once in a lifetime trip. And thank you to Captain Dave and Steve for making it so memorable."

- Jayne, August 2020

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